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Video conveys emotion instantly. The right music matched with moving visuals and you can instantly captivate your audience. For non-profits and charities looking to appeal to their base for donations and support – video is one of the best way to reach your goals.

Video is especially powerful in conjunction with Galas where you are inviting honorees, participants, and donors to learn more about your cause and cement their ongoing support. Video gives you a way to control the duration and impact of your narrative. Use video to set the tone for the evening with a short sizzle introducing your organization or highlighting achievements from the past year. Switch gears and use video to introduce honorees or even to replace the honoree speeches. How many events have you been to where a well-intentioned honoree gives a 10-20 minute speech that loses the audience and the momentum of your message? In addition, you can use video as a subtle and beautiful ask to make a clear connection between their donation and the impact on your cause.

​Finally, after you event is over and the dust has settled, video is a way to follow up with your base, honorees, and donors, and remind them why they support you in the first place. At Video City Productions we’ve worked with many local non-profits and charities in the Philadelphia area by creating forward thinking, creative, video based marketing strategies.