GoFybr is a UK based company that has an incredibly novel product for men suffering from male pattern baldness and hair loss. As a result of a campaign asking men to provide video testimonials for the product, they found James – a New Jersey native who had a great story and camera presence. The team from Gofybr found us online and we began discussing ways to take James’ homegrown video submission and turning it into a lifestyle testimonial film.

We helped Gofybr source a location by the beach (Philly is only 45 minutes away from some great shoreline communities) where we filmed his interview, demonstrations of the product, and some staged interactions. Gofybr strives to give men back their confidence and we told the story of a young, athletic guy who uses the product when he runs, when he works, and when he’s out with friends.

As James says, “how much is your confidence worth?” We’d ask, “how much is a partner that will help you bring your concept to life from A-Z”. Ask us 🙂