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This past month, Meelz, an electric scooter company launched their brand. They approached us to help out with their launch and we were excited to collaborate on marketing ideas. We love brainstorming video concepts and strategies…. Also, we’re talking about electric scooters … ammaright?

Meelz is a personal electric scooter designed for everyday use. Unlike lots of scooters that are marketed for “fun” this one is designed to be a daily commuter solution. It’s a sturdy machine that folds up for convenient storage but most importantly, it sports a removable battery. This means you can get a back up battery and know you always have enough juice to get where you need to go. The product’s features played a large role in coming up with the slogan: “For work, for play, for everyday.”

The personal electric scooter market is currently booming, with estimations to become a $42 billion global market by 2030. Since the market is becoming crowded with many different scooter providers, standing out was important for Meelz.

We decided to focus on distributing content via Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. The accompanying video would be a person on the scooter, magically morphing into different outfits that coincide with all the possible uses. This way we could demonstrate the product’s versatility and convenience for work, play, and casual settings.

For this smash cut to work, we needed to control a few factors. It was important to ensure the actor in the frame was in the same spot for each outfit change so the transition would be seamless.

We staged the shoot on a green-screen and propped the scooter on apple boxes wrapped in a green screen. Once we moved onto the editing stage, we were able to superimpose whatever background we wanted and remove the box from view. Since it’s front wheel drive, we had a grip spin the back wheel so it looked like the scooter was actually moving!

Going back to our main goal of making this stand out, we went with a colorful stylistic background. The goal was to make it eye-catching while scrolling through a feed. Finally, we wanted the video to loop so we could post it into various social media platforms.

We even did a looping video specifically for TikTok which is an app that has exploded on the market recently. We had the rider morph into Santa to make a push for the holidays and play off the “whoa meme” in the video below:

Check out the full video clip for Meelz:

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