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Video City Productions started almost 12 years ago as this amorphous thing; born from a 20-year-old family business, we began as a video rental store with a team that also dabbled in video transfer and some post-production work.

It was at this time that we were faced with a technological revolution, where an entire industry in video rental was about to be creatively destroyed by the onset of streaming media. Along with it, the technological barriers associated with video production were being torn down. Gimbals, drones, cinematic cameras, HDSLRs, and other advanced tech became readily available to the public, and were no longer items you’d only find on a Hollywood set.

We knew it was important to be open to these changes, and to be able to adapt and morph along with the growing industry. We soon grew from a clerk-based store with six employees, to a two-person shop where one person was doing all of the writing, directing, shooting, and editing of videos at the request of local clients.

After more than a decade, we’re back to being a six-person team, with everyone in the office working to maintain our reputation as one of the top video production companies in the region.

There are two very important elements to our rebrand that will define our name for years to come. The first is our logo, which is getting a new look. Our original logo was a combination of the old video rental company logo and a shot of the skyline spread across the background. Today, we’re abandoning the skyline, and modernizing the logo so that it sheds light on what we do and who we are, in a much bolder way.

VC Productions purposely omits the word “video”, because we go way beyond video. We have truly grown into an agency. The creative aspects that we do are more intense. The writing that we do is more involved. The business development that we work on with our clients is more of our focus now.

The second element is our team, or, more specifically, the size of the team. A production company is not a one- or two- person organization. It’s a gathering of multiple people that bring their own talents to the table, with an understanding of how to collaborate as a team to get a job done.

That’s what is so cool about this rebrand. It wasn’t done by just one person. This was collaborated on by an entire team, and each aspect of the logo is a reflection of the people that brought their gifts and talents to VC Productions.

In many ways, this is yet another step in our evolution, where we honor our origin while growing as an organization. Everyone from our team provided insight into what our rebrand should look like, which is representative of what we do with our clients. Everyone on our team has a hand in every job we take, providing an elevated experience by balancing guidance and taking direction. It’s that subtle ebb and flow that helps consistently bring relevant video concepts to life.