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If you are considering hiring a video production company you want someone that can translate your message to video and has the tools to do it effectively. A major component of producing quality video is getting smooth, stable footage. In a static environment, a tripod will usually do the trick. But what happens if you need to capture movement and chase the action? How do you avoid shaky, dizzying footage?

Introducing the “gimbal”. The gimbal is an electronic stabilization system that counteracts the camera operator’s movements. They are extremely delicate, fine tuned machines that have taken steadicam and video stabilization to the next level. With a properly tuned gimbal you can chase fast moving action with absolute perfection. Tracking that bride and groom running down the aisle or that family running for a cure is all-possible now like never before. And unlike prior handheld stabilizers like the Merlin or Glidecam which typically shoot around the chest-height of the operator, electronic gimbals are able to record inches from the ground or comfortably over the shooters head. Needless to say this definitely ups the game significantly and we are excited to welcome the DJI Ronin to our collection of cinematic tools!