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Using Video for Brand Affinity Marketing

Repeat advertisements might get an audience to remember your brand but it doesn’t mean they’re going engage with it. To increase your brand recognition and build a stronger connection with your audience, focus on building brand affinity.

Brand affinity is important because “awareness means people know of your brand and affinity means they care about it.” This is extremely relevant and valuable as more companies and individuals are pivoting to create content consistently on their own. Through their content, they need to define ways to get people to care about their brand.

Brand affinity marketing is used to create an effective and sustainable brand that captures the attention of the determined audience. One approach to really make your brand stand out while building brand affinity is to use video marketing.

Here are a few of our recommended steps on building brand affinity with video:

Step 1: Identify the Problem and the Solution

  • Your business exists because you’re solving a problem – make sure the problem is clearly defined
  • Strategize how you’re going to talk about the problem and solution in a way that the audience will care about
  • Always tie the solution back to the audience’s problem and how your company solves for it
  • Once you have a problem and solution defined, pull a common theme that’s relevant to your audience – use that to influence your content

For example, our Youtube channel and Learn page are resources for anyone that wants to create content consistently and learn how to make their videos look better. Our content doesn’t cover everything related to video production but instead focuses on a common thread that matches our target audience’s needs.

using youtube for brand affinity

Step 2: Create binge-worthy content

  • Platforms like Netflix and Hulu produce “binge-worthy” content that hooks viewers to keep watching
  • Youtube is a great platform for content – it’s the 2nd most popular social media platform! 
  • Reflect on your niche and think about the binge-worthy content that will fit your brand
  • Consider how the content will be delivered – will you use your iPhone, a professional camera crew, or home studio?
  • Think about what your hook is and how you can make the content worth watching

Step 3: Market like a media company

  • Start pushing your content out on a regular basis
  • Supplement videos with infographics, images, blogs and explore other content creation channels
  • Give people a reason to stop what they’re doing – make them look at your content and want to seek out more

Step 4: Measure

  • Measure resonance > reach
  • Don’t focus solely on the impressions
  • Measure how much people are connecting and interacting with your content. This can include:
    • Did people watch the whole video?
    • Did they engage with it (did they like, comment, share, repost, etc?)
    • Did they end up subscribing to your channel?
brand affinity marketing

One of our clients, Roman Sharf, is a Youtuber who consistently posts videos two times a week. To build his brand affinity, he focuses on his active audience, which are the people who comment and submit questions for his Q&As. With that, he is fostering a community that encourages people to join and want to interact with him and his channel further. Click here to see our blog post and videos featuring Roman.

Brand affinity is part of building an incredibly strong brand and consistent content marketing with video can help get you there. Create your content with the goal of connecting with your audience and develop customers who are loyal and advocate for your brand.

Ready to take your video content to the next level and build your brand affinity? Click here to contact us!