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Recently, there has been a huge shift in content coming from Zoom videos, Facetime videos, and talking-head videos from home. The way you present yourself on camera with these tools reflects your brand.

The goal is to create a video with audio and visual quality that does not distract from the message. Try our tips when recording a video to reach your audience in the best way possible!

Tip 1: Establish an even eye line

Get the lense of the device up at your eye line. Raise your laptop or camera off your desk to get it exactly where you need it.

Tip 2: Create soft & even lighting

To look your best on camera, you want soft and even lighting throughout the entire space. The background should match the foreground in terms of exposure.

When using Facetime or Zoom video, it takes an average of the lighting in the room. If you’re too backlit, you’ll become a dark silhouette. If the lighting is too bright, you’ll be overexposed. The goal is to get an even soft light throughout the space.

Pro tip: Make sure the light is all the same color temperature.

Tip 3: Sound matters!

There are two parts to sound to focus on:
1. Environment: Get in a quiet space without a lot of echo.
2. Technical: You can buy all kinds of devices and tools to improve the sound quality. See our shop page for our top recommendations

Tip 4: Clean up your background

Decorate and make your background look nice! Then you can also adjust your lighting to make sure it’s even with the foreground.

Tip 5: Think about wardrobe

Consider clothing patterns and colors that don’t blend into the background so you don’t get lost on camera. In particular, you want to avoid tight pattern strip shirts to prevent aliasing. Solid colors are best!

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