Shooters Shooters Everywhere! Getting The Message Across The Country For Five Below

There’s no doubt about it: video is the best way to share your message with your target audience. In today’s social media-driven world, short, sweet, engaging videos attract views and, ultimately, attention to your name. Whether you’re a multinational organization, a small mom-and-pop shop, or an individual looking to develop your personal brand, having a video to reach your audience is key. This is especially true when your target audience is your own group of employees.

When Five Below wanted to launch a series of videos presenting their Master of WOW program to attendees at their annual company meeting, they knew they needed a reputable Philadelphia video production company with the ability to communicate their message in even the shortest of videos. They also needed someone who could film across the country…and deliver the finished product in one week. Video City Productions was up to the task, and the final videos were a huge hit. Click here to check them out.

The Importance Of Messaging

For this particular project, one of the biggest challenges was conveying the message in the client’s desired format. They wanted five short videos, each defining a pillar of “SCALE”. This acronym presents the key educational takeaways from Five Below’s Master of WOW Program, and it was vital that each pillar be clearly outlined in just 60 seconds.

This educational program was brand new for Five Below, which meant it was brand new for us, and would require some extra time spent to ensure we fully understood the messaging and talking points. We also had to tackle this project on a national scale, which meant the same director would not be at every shoot day. This made it even more important that we understand the content completely.

You don’t want to end up with a “whisper down the lane” scenario, where we receive the message from our client and by the time it gets to our remote directors it’s morphed into something else, something off-message or brand. We had to fully understand the content and keep everything consistent which means

maintaining great communication with our client and our directors.

Shooters Shooters Everywhere…

Because of the number of locations, the cost of travel, and the time needed to coordinate everything, we reached out to partners across the country and sourced local crews in each location. Video City does this all the time – and it’s a big part of the value we bring as a video production company.

One of our criteria is consistency – you need to make sure the style of shooting is consistent, the quality of shooting is consistent, the messaging is consistent, and for us, ensuring the ‘elevated experience’ – meaning the directors are empathetic, patient, and provide guidance – is consistent as well.

Getting The Content From Point A To Point B

In addition to the old fashioned snail mail method and rush shipping hard drives across the country, another way of transferring content is by accepting it through the Cloud. Collaborating remotely and on a time crunch, we have multiple cloud options to transfer footage quickly and efficiently.

US Map

Access To Footage And Instant Editing Requests

With a short timeline, a high quantity of videos, and disparate content from across the country, we needed to make sure that our client had access to the footage. We relied heavily on the Vimeo Review Panel, which allows clients to access content from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device, and to put comments directly on the video.

In a quick turnaround environment with multiple stakeholders, it is fundamental that we have a tool to consolidate all of the feedback. A constant stream of emails, texts, and phone calls means lost notes, additional rounds of revisions, added costs, and potentially missing deadline.

When using the Review Panel, one method of weeding out unnecessary content was to compile it into a staged environment. For example, if the video we were working on was the Structure piece of “SCALE”, we took all of the pieces related to Structure, put them into one video (longer than the intended narrative; about a three minute initial cut,) and let the client see what we had captured. From there, they were able to comment in Review Panel on what they wanted to include, what should be dropped, and what could be moved around. Using this input, we could quickly pare down the content into a short, palatable piece. This was key in creating quick turnaround and getting the client exactly what they wanted.

By the end of this project, Video City Productions had produced one engaging video outlining Master of WOW as a whole program, and five shorter videos highlighting each pillar of SCALE. All of this was done in one week, thanks to our ability to quickly and fully understand our client’s message, convey it to shooters across the country, and efficiently process client requests to create the perfect videos.

An Expert Perspective When You Need It The Most

Your video will probably be the first thing people see when being introduced to your brand. That’s why it’s vital to have a trusted expert to guide you through the process. At Video City Productions, we’ve had the benefit of over a decade of experience producing commercials, training films and event videos. We’ve seen a lot, and we love to share our perspective that spans both the creative and logistics needs of any video production.

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