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For the past three years, we have had the honor of working with the Share Food Program of Philadelphia. Share Food is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing regional hunger and expanding access to nutritious, affordable food.

This year we worked on a video for their annual gala with the Share Food event producer, Sheri Resnik. Resnik defines the gala’s theme and provides creative direction for the Share Food videos. She takes those pieces and teams up with Master Group Design (MGD) to create graphic visuals, then works with Video City to film and animate those visuals. Finally, EBE Entertainment provides the lighting and A/V so those pieces can shine on stage when premiered at the event.

Oftentimes, events thrown for non-profits and other organizations will keep all the vendors in separate silos. Share Food is different because they brought all teams together to create an event that has a consistent feel and theme in every aspect.

The collaborative environment elevates throwing an event to creating an experience. Like stories, experiences are things that move you and inherently drive a call-to-action. In our films, we strive not to just show what’s happening but to tell stories. Similar to Share Food, Video City Productions aims to create a themed experience with each film project.

This is the final product:

This animated motion graphics driven video tells the story of a local veteran organization. They have been fighting hunger and food security for over three decades and recently took over the city school lunch program.

MGD created graphics inspired by the color and shapes in a lunch tray. Video City Productions brought the pieces together with live interviews of students sharing why they love lunch. George Matysik, the Share Executive Director, speaks about food and hunger impact in the area and the importance of this new program.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Share Food Program, MGD, and EBE to create an informative and important video experience to share at the gala.

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