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The world is shifting to video.

We can help.

With social distancing, our ability to connect is completely reliant on our cameras. We’re on video all of the time. We live and breathe video every day at Video City Productions. And we’re here for you.

Do your Zoom Calls, Facetimes, and Talking Head Videos reflect your brand?


Once the Coronavirus caused mass quarantine, our clients’ needs changed. We’d been working up close with them for years producing commercials, filming events, and telling their stories. Now, even though we’re all at home, we still need to connect.

Events are canceled – but we’re all still seeing each other. All the time — on video. That’s why we’ve been helping our clients look and sound their best while crafting compelling stories and content for their audience. We’ve been coaching folks on how to look great on Zoom, repurposing older stock to update old content for today’s needs, making new animations, fresh stock-based videos, and new product content. And we’re doing it all remotely.

Remote Director & Producer lets us work with anyone, anywhere to do what we’ve always done — help our clients make great content consistently.


Three ways we get you up and running fast

Remote Producer

We offer this as a deep dive month-to-month service where our team helps to define the overall video strategy, messaging, and individual pieces of content. Script writing and storyboarding. Shot lists and shooting tips.

We are your ongoing partner helping you to plan and execute on creating content consistently with meaningful content to engage your audience.

Remote Director

Connect with our directors virtually and we’ll guide you through everything you need to get going fast. We’ll help you prep your set, provide basic training on how to frame your shot in your actual space, and help you present and deliver your lines.

Have us (remotely) sit in on your actual shoots or video calls for instant feedback. We’ll help you make a DIY content machine.

Remote Post-Production

Leverage our expansive editing team to craft your narrative, color correct your content, add titles and motion graphics. With our remote collaboration tools you can completely take control of your content without knowing a single thing about editing.

Our clients like to outsource post-production for when fast turnaround and getting it exactly right matters most of all.



Here we will be posting our expanding library of videos with recommendations, tips, and explainers. Learn everything from how to maximize your iPhone to how to light a home studio. We’ll also present case studies of successful strategies here. This is your learning center for everything video.

Learn More



This is what’s worked for our clients’ remote shooting. See our ever-expanding, curated list of recommended packages to support everything from filming videos on your iPhone to starting a mini live-stream studio. We’ll talk shop on recommended gear for DIY pro-sumers or budget-friendly use. Learn about the options for lights, mics, and cameras for any project.


Who Can Remote Production Help?

We help CEOs preserve image for customer and internal communications
We help Auctioneers and Event Planners make the pivot to Virtual Events
We help Sales Professionals reflect their brand
We help anyone create ongoing, consistent content

Why Remote Production?

We don’t want anyone to throw resources they need at a short-term quick fix. We’re here for the long haul, to help keep you running even as this crisis resolves. But when we go back to normal, that “normal” will be different. People’s habits and expectations are changing, and the ability to create compelling content and connect remotely is going to be critical to continued success. We can help you find the remote production solutions that work for your long-term strategy.

Partnering with VC Productions

We have been producing content for international brands like Subaru and SUEZ, national brands like Five Below and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and local brands like Philadelphia Magazine, schools, non-profits, and businesses. Visit our portfolio to see our work and how our focus on providing an elevated production experience make us a unique partner when it comes to remote production.

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