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We have worked with a variety of clients in a variety of environments; from corporate events to weddings, from office interviews to mud runs, from warehouses to professional kitchens. Each shoot has a different scope and may require a different approach, so we’ve always made an effort to be able to shoot anywhere. Lately, that includes from the air.

One tool that we’ve recently brought to the VCP family is the drone. Some are 4 prop (propeller) while more a powerful drone can have 6 or even 8 props. These little guys can fly hundreds of feet into the air, carrying HD cameras that capture breathtaking aerial footage. But with the traditional use of drones being reserved for the military and both fears regarding privacy and safety at the forefront of recent news, it’s no wonder that there is some skepticism regarding these “air cameras”.

Right now the FAA is developing regulations that are due in 2015, but many are demanding an answer now. While the FAA deliberates, the general public debates. So what is the solution? In our opinion, like anything else there needs to be some guidelines to protect the general public and guard against reckless and irresponsible flyers, but a blanket ban on the drone would be overkill. Professionals using drones safely should be permitted to work and continue to elevate the art, pun intended.

​Beyond cinematography and the military, drones have recently been used to help in search and rescue missions and Amazon recently proposed using drones to deliver packages. Like any new technology, there will be growing pains when trying to balance access with safety, but we should always keep in mind that you can’t stop progress.