Aiir Consulting needed a video for the launch of “Aiiron,” a new Ai-driven digital nudge technology to support the coaching process. We collaborated with Aiir’s marketing team and imagined what digital nudge technology would be like in “real life.” The video would be used at their launch event and on social media, so we needed to create a modular concept that would work in both environments. Aiir wanted the concept to be informative, fun, and memorable.

They also wanted to make it clear that Aiiron supports the coaching process… it does not replace coaches. Through a collaborative brainstorming process, we brought “Aiiron to life.” The story follows a CEO that Aiiron is constantly nudging so she meets her goals.

It was fun to put an actor in the suit to play the mascot and stage relatable office scenes where Aiiron can help. We concept-developed, scripted, shot, and edited this film in Aiir’s office. Our editor and producer actually tuned in remotely to see the scenes unfold and help ensure a smooth onset experience. Enjoy the film. We are proud to introduce, Aiiron!