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It’s no secret that today’s world is a digital one. People are more online than ever before. But as brands transition back into having more in-person events, they have a lot of questions:

  • Should we return to in-person or remain virtual?
  • Is a hybrid model the best approach?
  • How should non-profits consider using their budgets?

To answer this question, we sat down with Tracey Specter, a certified professional life and leadership coach who specializes in coaching nonprofit professionals. While we spoke with Tracey back in 2021, these questions are still on the minds of many nonprofit leaders today.

In this interview, Tracey says the #1 thing nonprofit professionals can do to improve their ROI on events is to invest in video. This is because it can help people connect more deeply with your cause. When people understand your mission, they want to donate more and donate continuously.

Tracey Specter at the 2021 Share Food Program Warehouse Party Fundraiser
Tracey Specter at the 2021 Share Food Program Warehouse Party Fundraiser

Despite this fact, she still gets pushback from some of her clients: “Why should nonprofits spend money on virtual events and video if they already hit their fundraising goal?”

Tracey’s answer to this comes in 2 parts:

  1. The first is about connecting with your audience where they’re at (hint: it’s online)
  2. The second is about getting intentional during the months in between events

Ultimately, Tracey says video is the best tool to keep your donors engaged year-round.

The 2 Most Effective Ways to Invest in Video

Video Campaigns

One of the best ways to connect with an audience is through film. Digital marketing for nonprofits can include videos, a YouTube channel, and visual snippets for social media.

  • Creating engaging, visual content will not only capture the attention of your target audience, but will also help raise awareness about your cause. When people are more aware of your organization and what you do, they are more likely to donate to your cause year-round, not just during fundraiser events.

Your Virtual Meeting Space

Nonprofits rely heavily on in-person events. But what about staying engaged with donors in between galas?

“I get so many comments of how wonderful this is,” Tracey remarked about her new space. “Thank you for setting me up this way so I can look good on Zoom!”

Tracey Specter’s at-home VCP Zoom Set-Up
A camera, microphone, ring light, and other tools for setting up a virtual meeting space

A setup like this may sound complicated, but all of the equipment she’s using is easily available. A few of the pieces in her own office include:

  • Sony Alpha a6100 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Lens
  • GVM Bi-Color LED Ring Light (18″)
  • Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

Digital marketing for nonprofits is easy when you have tools like these. Your meetings will look professional and you can engage with donors at any time.

The bottom line is this: investing in video marketing is a great way to make your nonprofit shine long-term. Not only will it help you reach more people, but it will also allow you to build a stronger relationship with your donors.

At the end of the day, that’s what nonprofits are all about: connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help! If you’re unsure of how to start, reach out to our team and we can help you create a film or set up your own virtual meeting space. Contact Video City Productions today to get started.