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CHILD USA Nonprofit Engages Audience Uninterrupted Via Remote Director

These are trying times. While we’re in quarantine, businesses and nonprofits alike are getting creative in finding new ways to engage their audience. Now that so many of us are forced into a virtual world, creating content is crucial. When the governor closed schools in Pennsylvania, we immediately set up our remote shop to empower businesses and nonprofits to create content consistently on their own.

The Organization: CHILD USA

CHILD USA is a non-profit national think tank dedicated to protecting kids and preventing abuse.

The Problem: Quarantine Amplifies Dangerous Situations & Families Need Resources Immediately

CHILD USA does vital work, and we knew that the pandemic was making it even more crucial to reach their audience. With the traditional methods of monitoring for potential abuse even more limited, CHILD USA needed to reach their audience with new methods and recommendations to keep CHILDren safe.

The Solution: Remote Director

Three Phone Calls with us and CHILD USA had an In-Home Production Studio.

CEO Marci Hamilton contacted us for help setting up an independently operating studio within her home. She wanted to self-create a series of PSAs to provide ongoing support with important information for her audience. 

  1. We connected remotely and customized a small, on-budget equipment list to use with her iPhone. 
  2. When it arrived, we did a video conference to talk through setting everything up, step by step.
  3. She recorded her first video, while we directed via Zoom.
  4. With our workflow tips, Marci was ready to produce compelling content on her phone — on her own schedule and in her own home.

Check out her experience with Remote Director in the video below:

We’re gratified that we could help Marci achieve her goals, and become a self-sufficient content creator. The CHILD USA mission is personally important to us, and we’re happy to have been of service and that Marci was so pleased with our support.