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Let’s talk about lighting.

In the video below, we’ll show the impact of using a key, fill, back, and hairlight and how they can increase the quality of your video. These lighting tips will help you create soft, directional event lighting throughout the space.

Key Light

The key light gives a nice, diffused light from a high angle. There might still be some dark shadows on one side – that’s where the fill light comes in.

Fill Light

Slightly dimmer than the key light, this fills in the shadows on the other side, creating an even wash. The fill light is slightly dimmer than the key light, so it still creates some dimension. It’s important to note that the two lights are the same color temperature.

While your face might be evenly lit, the background is still dark. If you’re using the automatic exposure settings on Facetime and Zoom calls, those cameras will struggle to figure out the proper settings.

Backlight Light

Set up against the ceiling, this bounces light and produces an eight and even background and foreground on your set. This will make it easier for any camera that’s using automatic settings.


The hairlight can be placed in the corner. Different color settings will create dimension and separate you from your background.

Overall, even, soft light with the proper color temperature will elevate your video production.

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