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Domino’s remotely produced an ad in quarantine, featuring employees speaking to potential new applicants and customers through a Zoom-type platform. How’d they do it? What does it take to make something like this? Check out our analysis in the video below:

Domino’s first ad that dropped in the middle of quarantine features franchisee owners encouraging viewers to apply for full or part-time work. The commercial helps to market what they’re doing, demonstrates some of the ways they’re staying safe, and gets the message across that they’re hiring – all through a recorded Zoom call.

View the 30-second spot below:

This commercial, although it seems quick and easy, probably had a lot that happened behind the scenes. We’ll review some of key components that likely went into the production of this commercial and share how those tips can be used when creating content consistently from home.

1. Concept Development & Scripting

The advertising agency CPB has been working with Dominos for over a decade, so it’s very likely they were the ones who came up with a concept and developed a script prior to filming. They considered the target audience, logistics, and stay-at-home conditions to tailor the message to the audience.

  • This commercial is also a perfect case of people delivering their lines well – the shots are quick and each franchisee seems to finish the sentence of the one in the frame before.
  • To tie everything together, they intentionally used a Zoom type platform to deliver their message. Many people have become familiar with using Zoom for connecting with co-workers and family during quarantine so this was a great choice!
  • When working on any type of video, having an idea of what will be said, when, and where is key for getting your message across.

2. Casting

It’s very likely a Casting Director or Agent took the time to vet the different people who appear onscreen. Assuming none of the franchise owners are actors, somebody still had to select the best talent for the role. Additionally, once they were cast, someone took the time to practice with them and make sure the lines would be delivered perfectly.

3. Remote Production

Looking into the production on this commercial, you’ll notice that the lightning is great, the people are framed perfectly, and one guy even has the logo aligned perfectly in the background!

  • Assuming they were practicing social distancing, there was probably someone with production experience on a video call.
  • The talent was likely given instructions on how to get a proper eye line, the best spot for lighting, and overall ensure the content is top quality.
  • To get familiar with some of the basics of proper lighting when on a Zoom call, check out our video and blog post here.

4. Remote Editing

After recording, someone was responsible for putting it all together. Especially looking at the end graphics, there undoubtedly there was a post-production team working on this project. They edited the lines to make them look authentic and candid, and overall make the content look great. The editing helped everything come together and nothing here happened by accident.

It’s important to understand the amount of work that goes into creating something like this, or any type of video content. This Dominos commercial gives us a great example of what you can do with the resources you have without overextending and ultimately delivering an on-brand, a high-quality piece with effective messaging.

Take a look at the content you’re trying to create, the audience you want to reach, and finally the tools you have to do so. Use the tools you have properly – don’t try to do something that your equipment isn’t intended to do.

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