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Every event planner’s dream is a well-attended event buzzing with enthusiastic attendees. If you’re in the throes of organizing an event, you’ll want to capitalize on the magic of video production. In this article, we will delve into the indispensable asset that pre-event marketing videos represent for any event, be it nonprofit fundraisers, corporate training, galas, or brand launch events.

Why Pre-Event Marketing Videos?

Video is engaging and excellent at storytelling. More and more, corporate video production has been leveraging these qualities to generate leads and build excitement around events. But why is video such a standout medium?

First and foremost, video grabs attention. When scrolling through a sea of text and images, a vibrant video is like an oasis in the desert. It’s no wonder that video is a heavy hitter in lead generation. Besides grabbing attention, video is unparalleled when it comes to storytelling. Whether it’s a nonprofit fundraiser or a corporate gala, every event has a story – and videos are the ultimate canvas for bringing these stories to life.

Let’s discuss how you can utilize video production for your event and what kind of videos you can create.

Crafting the Perfect Pre-Event Marketing Video

Showcasing the Event – The “WIFM” Factor

When promoting an event, it’s crucial to address the WIFM (What’s In It For Me) for the prospective attendees. You need to show them the value they’ll derive from attending your event.

If it’s an annual event, you probably have footage from previous years. These snippets are gold! Compile them, and take your audience on a nostalgic journey that also gives newcomers a glimpse into what they can expect. Make it enticing.

However, if it’s a brand new event, and you don’t have any prior footage to leverage, you can still create a compelling video to drive traffic. For example, our client Roland Nairnsy faced a similar situation when looking to market his upcoming sales retreat. To solve this, we scripted out a video with him, used content from other trade show events he had attended, and integrated a talking head segment where he eloquently conveyed the event’s value proposition. The narrative was engaging and gave a feel of what the event could offer. It’s a perfect example of creative video editing.

Testimonials and Organic Content

Using testimonials in your videos is a great way to build credibility. When attendees hear experiences from past participants, it adds an authentic voice to your story.

If it’s your first year, like in Roland’s case, once you have successfully used a pre-event marketing video to reel in attendees, make sure to capture the live event. This footage is not just for archives; it’s a treasure trove for your next year’s pre-event marketing. You’ll have organic content showing what your event looks and feels like. And yes, don’t forget to collect those golden testimonials!

Corporate Video Production vs. Nonprofit Video Production

The goals for corporate and nonprofit events aren’t the same, so let’s go through the differences.

Corporate Events

For corporate events such as seminars, training, and product launches, pre-event marketing videos are a powerful tool to increase RSVPs. Brand films can showcase the company’s mission and vision. Video content for corporate events often includes elements like speaker profiles, schedules, and the benefits of attending.

Nonprofit Events

Nonprofits, on the other hand, need a slightly different approach. Here, the focus is often on the cause. Pre-event marketing videos for nonprofit fundraisers should evoke emotions and highlight the impact that the organization is making.

For nonprofits, it’s also imperative to arm your supporters with content they can share. Your supporters are your biggest cheerleaders. It is crucial to provide them with snippets, teasers, or short form content leading up to the event. This not only assists in generating leads but also in drumming up support for the cause.

Ready, Set, Action!

Whether you’re hosting a corporate seminar or a charity gala, incorporating pre-event marketing videos is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Through creative video editing, you can craft a narrative that not only boosts your RSVPs, but also establishes a connection with your audience.

In today’s fast-paced world, a text invite is a whisper, but a video is a shout. So, pick up your megaphone, and through the powerful medium of video, let the world know: “We have an amazing event, and you simply can’t miss it!”

Bring your event to life with dynamic, engaging, and heart-tugging pre-event marketing videos. Whether it’s brand films, commercials, or testimonials, the world of video is your playground. Play, experiment, and watch your event scale new heights.

We are here to help! Reach out to us today and let’s build buzz around your event with a dazzling pre-event marketing video!