Green Screen Studio

Over the years, we’ve filmed all over the country in all sorts of locations, including…

Office High-Rises

Soccer Fields

Convention Centers

…would you believe all of these sets have one thing in common? They have caused serious issues on-set with sound.

Try spending an hour doing what should’ve been a 15-minute interview as you try to sneak in narrative responses between police sirens, horns honking, phones ringing, toilets flushing, rain pitter-patterring. Not to mention how disorienting and frustrating that is for the talent. It’s bound to knock anyone off their game!

When we decided to allocate an area of our studio to filming, our top priority was to take back control over the sound. Unfortunately, with a studio in a first floor retail space right on 20th St., blocking the sounds of the city can be very difficult.

So, we brought in expert sound studio designers from Atom Sonic Concepts to help us design the space! After several weeks of planning, we brought in our contractor and were able to successfully build our sound-controlled green screen room.

Our green screen studio can accommodate medium-shot interviews, and has sound padding, built-in LED lights, and a Teleprompter.

This is an excellent resource for clients that are looking for a calm, controlled environment where they can produce educational talking-head content, tips videos, informational films, and economic market updates.

We’ve even been able to stage a Newsroom studio for elementary school kids for their school’s Gala films. Pretty cool, huh?

For some clients, we’ve even been able to bring their office to our office. By capturing the beautiful cityscapes from Clark Capital’s headquarters, we were able to consistently film their economic market update in our office regardless of the weather.

We offer a green screen studio for clients as well as other creators. Bring your video team to our space and rent our studio!

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