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Do you treat your pet just like another member of your family? If so, you’ll want to stop by EarthWise Pet in Turnersville and say hello to Teresa, George, and their lovable pup Reese!

We met Teresa and George long before they were involved in the pet care industry. Video City Productions was exhibiting and producing videos for other exhibitors at a trade show. Teresa was exhibiting for Absolute Living Today, her interior decorator company. We ended up connecting and producing some promotional content for her business. She was great on camera, and of course in person!

Years later, Teresa and George noticed their dog, Reese, was having stomach issues and wasn’t enjoying his food. And so began their journey into pet health and the benefits of a raw diet for dogs. Their dog is a part of their family, so of course they embraced anything that would help their furry family member eat well and live his best life!

Soon afterward, they got involved with EarthWise Pet, whose mission is “…to better the lives of pets and their owners through proper education, exceptional customer service, all natural products, and green business practices.” and opened a franchise store where they could sell the product they had come to love so much.

A few months before the store was even open, while they were under construction, we got a call from Teresa and George. After catching up, they mentioned they would need to create some social media and video content for their brand, and they wanted to get our insights so they could start outlining their plans. It’s fulfilling to get those calls – when you know you left a positive impact on a client and they think of you for new projects – even years later.

We started our conversation by learning their value proposition and about their target audience in our discovery phase. EarthWise Pet customers are people that have a real bond with their pets and are seeking to support healthy lifestyles for them. They care, they want the best for their pets inside and out, and they want to learn more.

We needed to produce videos that were educational and demonstrated the love and connection to pets. We spent lots of time on the phone with Teresa and George as they educated us on the benefits of a raw diet. We thought we could also highlight Reece’s story and their discovery of how less processed dry food and a raw diet could impact his health. We didn’t want to forget about the line can you do though, so we wanted to create educational content around elimination issues and why you need multiple litter boxes in a multi-cat house.

EarthWise also offers grooming services and self wash stations with special devices designed to make the process safer for the pooches. Their entire process revolves around the safety and comfort of the furry friends. Instead of offering a basic walk-through with talking head, which frankly could be done with nice pictures and text, we wanted to create an entertaining way to show how unique this grooming experience really is. So we came up with the idea of “spa day“. We wrote a script imagining how a dog might see their grooming experience, both the good and the bad. 🙂 All we needed to do was to give Reese a little voiceover, and he did the rest!

In addition to concept development, we were able to use this information to come up with a script, which was written in-house and implemented on film shoot day.

We honed in on the fact that the community loves their pets like a part of their family and would do anything to make them feel healthy and comfortable. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than seeing dogs on screen!

Instead of having a traditional social media “talking head”, we figured we’d take this opportunity to provide a voice to these pets and have them present the informational content to viewers. We took advantage of Reese’s adorable face and love of the camera to let her inform the viewer about the exciting experience of having a Spa Day at EarthWise Pet.

EarthWise also brought in a beautiful cat named Daisy to “chat” about cat hygiene and the importance of having multiple litter boxes for multiple cats.

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Video City thinks about videos strategically and making the most of each opportunity to film. We had a pretty packed day on our film shoot, and were able to create four video concepts out of just one day of filming. EarthWise Pets got a lot out of that film shoot day, and were able to use the edited video as their flagship branding piece.

This video would later be repurposed into a 30 second spot to run on Comcast. Just by filming in a certain way and thinking about the video more globally, we were able to get a series of visuals so that the video could be pared down and repurposed, giving you more bang for your buck from the content captured as opposed to coming out and re-shooting.

At the same time, we staged Reese to do a video about the benefits of a raw diet, set up a litter box for Daisy to play in as she explained the benefits of having multiple litter boxes for multiple cats to avoid accidents.

After just one day of filming, EarthWise Pets was presented with four videos that they were able to launch on social media, and use to promote their brand over time. Everyone was really happy with the results, and Reese’s Spa Day video now has nearly 4,500 views on Facebook!