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We have spent years investing in and mastering the art behind capturing video in an effort to provide the highest quality deliverables. The latest evolution in cinematography has been the transition from ENG to HDSLR for many shooters. You’ve probably been at an event or on a set and seen a shooter carrying around a photo camera but claiming to a videographer and wondered, “what gives?” By shooting video with DSLR cameras, videographers can now take advantage of the depth of field and crisp imagery previously reserved to photographers.

​With different lenses videographers can produce amazing visuals and provide a whole new level of quality. The smaller, lighter form factor makes shooting video easier and the low-light capability of many of these cameras is unparalleled. There are of course some drawbacks to using HDSLR cameras. They are ultimately designed to take pictures, so shooters have had to figure out workarounds to deal with capturing audio, adapting to rigs, etc. In the end though, the pros far outweigh the cons and clients are typically blown away by the quality once they see the final product.