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Joe Bograd is a long-time client and friend of Video City Productions. His work as a realtor and philanthropist is well-known in our region where his #BOOM marketing is omnipresent

With social distancing, selling homes is a big challenge. All the handshaking and open-houses are on hold, and the market is turbulent. Some realtors are trying their best to return to business as usual, but Joe and his team are pivoting and finding inventive ways to market their services and support their clients.

Typically, we’d help Joe market the impressive properties he represents, support his philanthropic efforts, and film gala events. With showings and events of all kinds cancelled, it was time to do something new. We took his BOOM, and transformed it into something for today: the BOOM Zoom Talkshow.

This is a show for realtors and home owners alike, anyone who wants to get the dish on real estate in our newly digital age. We helped Joe set himself up to have his own production shop, find and interview guests, and film his team – with their own phones and equipment and a curated list of specialty supplies. We’ll be editing these episodes — and we’re pleased to share the first one here.