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Video City Productions is a commercial, corporate, and event video production studio in Philadelphia.

Our mission is to provide an elevated experience in creating content. We help clients create content consistently and allow them to connect more deeply with their target audience to achieve their goals. We do this by providing an elevated experience; a process of listening, advising, anticipating, and thinking empathetically about how our actions and inaction can impact others.

This philosophy applies to our clients, our team, our trade partners, and our vendors. We believe we all do our best work and reach our goals when we work to elevate others. The content creation process can be complex, but we always strive to be easy to work with.

We have collaborated with clients across the country, to share their stories, to impact their audiences, and to capture their priceless moments. In our filmmaking, we focus on stunning cinematography utilizing an arsenal of equipment from sliders to gimbals and drones. In our edits, we try to develop strategic narratives that lead to effective storytelling.

Why Video City Productions

We are a video production company focused on elevating the experience and thinking strategically about filmmaking.

An Elevated Experience

We believe we do our best work when we foster trust, when we create an environment of collaboration, when we focus on providing an elevated experience at every stage of the video production process.

Film is about storytelling, because stories make us feel, relate, remember, and act. At Video City Productions we constantly challenge ourselves to find better ways to tell stories. It’s a never ending process of learning new equipment, discovering unique perspectives, and providing meaningful direction; rinse & repeat.

But telling a good story for a brand, whether it’s a company story film, a product launch video, an event recap film, an “ask video” for a fundraising gala, or even a training video; starts with collaboration, and that requires trust.

It means investing time. It means listening and learning. It means understanding the big picture and where our part is within that picture. It means understanding where our clients are today and where they are headed tomorrow. It means being their partner.

  • We strive to produce films that tell good stories.
  • We strive to produce films that have effective calls to action.
  • We strive to foster collaboration and partnership.
  • We strive to be forward thinking.
  • We strive to provide an elevated experience at every level of the production process.

We believe that when provide an elevated experience for those around us we create trust, foster collaboration; and that is when we all do our best work.

Strategic Video

For us, video strategy is about thinking strategically and acting tactically. Video strategy speaks to the mission, vision, and goal. We ask questions like “why are we making this film?” and “who is the target audience?” and “what do we want them to do?” We ask our clients how they currently market and how they plan to market. Then see how our films can support those initiatives.

Being tactical about film is different, these questions are “how do we do this most efficiently” and “how do we get the content we need in less time” or even better, “how do we get MORE content from the time we are already spending”.

Being strategic and tactical go hand in hand. Our films are promotional – so even more than narrative they must have a tangible return on investment. By being strategic and tactical, we are able to create content that is on brand and on budget.

Our History

Video City Productions began in 1982 as a neighborhood video rental store. Founder Joseph Sherman, a professional violinist by trade, began the business in a small 600 square foot space on 20th and Delancey. Back then, it was just called Video City; they kept rental records on paper, and people still weren’t sure whether they should buy Beta or VHS…

​In only a few short years, Video City expanded to include more space, more inventory, and more services. The “mom and pop” video store began offering 8mm film transfer, video tape copies, photo montage videos, and even some on-location videography. Years of transferring and editing home videos naturally led us to ask the question, “What if we started shooting this stuff right?” Today Video City Productions provides some of the highest quality videography services in the Philadelphia area.