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Exciting news! VC Productions was recently featured in Philadelphia Magazine! In the article, the main topic discussed was the rise of remote content creation and how VC Productions is at the forefront of helping companies easily create branded video content. We spoke with them about how our team makes it easy for clients to film remotely anywhere, anytime.

BASH Capital

We specifically highlighted the work we’ve done with BASH Capital, a wealth management firm local to the Philadelphia area. When they approached us, their primary focus was setting up a content strategy that was consistent and scalable. Plus, they also wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors as the world of market commentary can be heavily saturated.

After identifying what they needed, our team helped them in a few ways:

  • We laid the groundwork for what their production process would look like
  • We directed their shoots remotely from our office in Philly
  • We edited their content (and turned it around quickly in under 2 days!)

The BASH is now an episodic program that helps position BASH Capital as experts in their field. Principles Matt Bagell and Scott Shaw are able to regularly discuss the economy in a way that lets them connect with their target audience, clients, and new prospects.

The BASH Show
Clark Capital meeting

Clark Capital

Our interview with Philadelphia Magazine also covered the work we’ve done with Clark Capital, a family- and employee-owned investment management firm based in Philadelphia. We’ve helped them produce company overview videos & quarterly content for their clients.

One quote from Patty Quinn McAuley, their senior vice president, sums up her experience working with our team:

“VC Productions is fun to work with. They really take an interest in your brand and bring the best out of your employees. Every time we speak with them, they’ve got another tip to up our game. They’re very focused on producing a great product.”

We’re proud to have been able to partner with both of these groups and help them make great content consistently. Special thanks to Philadelphia Magazine for collaborating with us on this article!

If you’re interested in setting up your own production process so you can create video content from anywhere, our team is here to help! Contact VC Productions today to get started.