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Video Marketing Trends 2023

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps brands connect with their target audience, share the emotions behind their mission, and tell their story in an engaging way.

Throughout 2023, companies should be aware of the latest trends in video marketing so they can incorporate them into their campaigns. Our team believes these 6 trends are essential areas to focus on:

  1. Short-form video
  2. Using different aspect ratios
  3. Educational and evergreen content
  4. Telling stories instead of just selling a product
  5. Incorporating subtitles and on-screen captions
  6. Focusing on authenticity and behind-the-scenes content

1) Short-form video – Shorter attention spans mean videos need to be more concise and to the point. This is especially true for content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where most users are consuming short reels that are less than 1 minute long.

Reels like these can come from any type of video. They’re a great way to pique interest and drive traffic to a longer video.

For example, we helped Bash Capital repurpose parts of their new show, The BASH, into short clips for social media. Each episode is about 15 minutes long but these short clips give clients a teaser of what they can expect to learn.

2) Aspect Ratios – Videos with different aspect ratios are important because they allow the same video to be used on different platforms. For example, this 1:1 video from Philly Friendship Circle is ideal for sharing on Instagram. But a 16.9 video would work well on a YouTube channel or website.

By creating videos with different aspect ratios, you can ensure that your films look their best on every platform. This graphic below is a helpful tool to keep on hand to reference different aspect ratios.

Aspect ratios chart

3) Educational Content is Trending – Video is a super effective way to convey information. Whether you’re teaching viewers about your products or sharing tips and tutorials that help them improve their skills, educational content is a great way to build trust and engage with your audience.

If it’s a topic that will always require an explanation or guide, making evergreen content will ensure you can use it for years to come. Take this vlog for example. Understanding the difference between A-roll and B-roll footage is crucial to telling a story or message in an effective and compelling way.

4) Storytelling is Better Than Selling – People connect with people. When creating content, ask yourself what you want your customers to feel when experiencing your product or service.

We recently produced this video with our friend, Sheri Resnik, for Share Food Program’s annual gala. Stories like this one about Junior and Victor help create connections to their staff and a deeper affinity to their organization.

5) Subtitles are Key – Adding subtitles is a worthwhile investment to ensure people can watch your videos without relying on sound. It allows for increased inclusivity for the deaf and hard of hearing, and it can allow you to reach those who don’t have their volume turned on in general. Plus with on-screen captions, your audience can still follow along even if they’re in a place where they need to be quiet.

Check out how Bograd engages their audience with captions in this video.

6) Focus on Authenticity – Focus on being real with your viewer. Whether that’s through raw video or behind-the-scenes content, viewers want to hear from the real, authentic people behind your brand.

This clip from a shoot we did with Subaru gives people an idea of what we’re seeing behind the camera. It’s a great example of showing people what VC Productions looks like on set.

It’s important to be aware of these key trends so you can incorporate them into your video marketing strategy. Whether it’s short-form videos, educational content, or captivating storytelling, brands should focus on staying up to date with the latest trends so they can be at the forefront of the competition.

Having trouble incorporating these concepts into your current campaign? You’re not alone! We can help you identify the gaps in your content strategy and tell your brand’s story in an engaging way. Contact VC Productions today to learn more.